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Welcome all to Orange and Blue Media! This blog is dedicated to covering all news, information, and much more regarding the New York Mets and New York Knicks. This blog was created by two high school seniors, John Zimmerman and Vincent Yeager, who share a love for writing. This blog will include game previews and recaps, game day analysis, stats and scores, as well as look-backs at previews teams and games.

About the Founders:

Both John and Vinny write for Metro-Sports, another blog here on Vincent is a die-hard Giants and Knicks fan, and will express his knowledge and love for the Knicks here, as he will be the head-writer for the New York Knicks column.
John is a New York Mets' fan, and he will be the head-writer for the New York Mets column. John is also a huge college football fan as well as an Oakland Raiders' fan. John was a late edition to the Metro-Sports team, but has moved his writing here to Orange and Blue Media.


We are interested in adding about two or three more writers for each of our columns (New York Mets and Knicks). John and Vinny will be the head-men, but the other team members will be greatly needed and appreciated to help turn this into an informative and successful blog. If anyone is interested, please contact John at

Our Goal:

Our goal here at Orange and Blue Media is obviously to become one of the most well-known blogs regarding both the New York Knicks and New York Mets. We want our readers and viewers to enjoy our work and give them the most accurate and complete coverage and knowledge in the world of the Knicks and Mets. Viewer feedback is greatly appreciated, so when you view a blog, please leave a comment so we know what you think!


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